Thursday, 19 February 2009

173. Axl And His Hairdresser


I’ve been working on a new look.

I figure people need to see a new me.

A new ‘Axl.’

I’ve been working on some sketches.

Some ideas. Research.

I figure black people are kinda cool these days.

I figure that’s what the kids are into.

You know, like, the whole urban vibe?

The whole natty freedom fighter black power Bob Marley thing?

Right. So I’ve based my look on that.

And since you’ve been doing my since like forever,

I figure you’re the person for the job.

So are you ready to be blown away?

Are you ready for a whole new Axl idiom?

Are you ready to meet the future?

And are you ready to be a part of it?

OK. Cool. Here we go:


I want motherfucking cornrows.

And you’re going to do them.

And they’re going to be awesome.

And you know in six months every suburban

white kid’s going to be rocking this shit.

You dig?

Dig. So

let’s do it.

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