Friday, 6 February 2009

164. Axl's Shit List

David Geffen
Bret Michaels
Nikki Sixx
Vince Neil (for killin’ Razzle)
CC Deville
that guy from Kerrang!
that guy from Hit Parader
Andy McCoy
Bin Laden
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain’s bitch
Don Dokken
Johnny Thunders (for dyin’)
Craig Stenzer
fucking security guards at shows (for pushing kids around)
Erin Everley
Stephanie Seymour
Eddie Vedder
Tommy Hilfiger
Rodney Bingenheimer
Scott Asshole from Velvet Revolver
the rest of those Velvet Revolver guys
Pigeons Of Shit Metal
fags, cops, feminists, lawyers, haters etc
Kip Winger
Kim Fowley
Lars Ulrich
the PC police/pigs
Reagan / Bush / Clinton / Bush / whatever
my band

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wfse said...

U shh_ó_ú_d put_me on ur shit_líst honeý ;)