Friday, 13 February 2009

168. Dreams Of A Better, More Fulfilling Existenc

Axl is in the midst of a strange sexual fantasy.

He is dreaming about a girl with huge thighs.

She is naked except for a pair of hiking boots.

She is a big, strong, healthy-looking girl.

Her ass is big too; like a white medicine ball.

She’s not the type of girl he’d normally go for

yet he is completely turned on. He is in love.

He wants to climb a mountain with this girl.

He wants to bury his face in her big white ass.

He wants to lick her until his tongue is swollen,

distended and just hanging there like a dog’s.

He wants to feel her thighs around his head

He wants to be made deaf to the world by them.

He wants to sit down eat a packed lunch with her.

Maybe on a precipice overlooking a remote canyon.

He is experiencing new feelings and new emotions.

These waves of love and desire are alien to him.

He awakes, sweating and erect. He guiltily jerks off.

He has no idea what any of it means. Yet the girl with

the big ass and thighs stay with him all day, as does

the image of a nice quiet luncheon somewhere remote.

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