Wednesday, 20 August 2008

62. Slash Observes A Bar Fight

So five guys in suits in the
bar of the Hyatt Regency hotel
decide we are scumbags
and say so and even though they’re right
it doesn’t mean we have to take this shit.

Then this guy grabs Axl
calls him Bon Jovi
and Axl’s like
‘Bon Jovi can suck my dick
and so can you’
so this guy hits him.

That’s when Steven
cracks him in the head
with his cast because you never
hit one of the family.

Then this other guy tries to hit me
so our guitar tech Mike
lays him out in one punch
and they kick us out the bar,

but then the same five guys
clutching ice packs block us
off and Mike knocks the same
motherfucker out twice

then the cops come
and start arresting people
who aren’t even involved

and Axl tells one of the cops to fuck off
so this guy chases him for twenty feet
then throws him through the air
and Axl is taken off to jail.

The funny thing is
Axl tells this story the
next day on stage
while we jam

and soon enough
‘Axl’s Blues’ starts appearing
on bootleg albums;
we thought it was funny as shit.

Maybe funnier.

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