Friday, 1 August 2008

47. A New Friend Whispers In Slash’s Shell-Like

Dude this party fucking blows man -
I bet you don’t even know half of these people.

Nothing but bar-hopping freeloaders, man,
scenesters just here to get their pictures taken, man.

I bet they wouldn’t look at you twice six months ago, bra’h,
Hey, you know what would make it better?

…Sure I got some. A little China White fresh off of the
Bejing junk boat baby. Sailed all the way here especially

just for you and me. What say we hit the stalls for a taste
and maybe a bump of this fine-ass yay-o aswell?

Hell yeah, a little speedball to celebrate your debut, man.
Come on this one’s on me, Mr Rock Star. Lead the way…


andy.riverbed said...

i love fucking speedballs. keep on scribing sir ben myers!

Ben Myers said...

Thanks Andy.

Aren't speedballs very 80s?
It's all about the ket and MDMA these days.

So I was told.

I struggle with Irn-Bru, myself.

Stomach like a used grapefruit...

andy.riverbed said...

i guess it's a puerto rican thing. all the junkies down in PR used speed balls. i started cause the dope is cut with ketamine and fucks you all up and one can't function without the coke. plus one's breathing can slow down so that one is at risk of death. i haven't touched a speedball since i went to PR a few months ago, but i try to avoid it. does me no good.