Saturday, 16 August 2008

59. Truck Stop

Some high school jocks are looking at us funny
so Axl walks right up to them and socks the biggest
one of them. He falls silently like a giant Redwood.

His friends just stand there looking at us not sure
what to do. Then one of them goes “Oh, you
West Coasts fags are going to get it now…”

but just as he says this, our crew guys just happen to
walk out the diner. They see what’s up and casually
pull out bike chains and knuckle-dusters from nowhere.

With a whoop and a scream we charge them, five Guns
plus as many crew and even though it’s been feeling like
things are falling apart, momentarily we’re that gang again

That gang who came together with a shared dream, a
shared vision and even though Axl will later trash the bus
for a brief moment we’re an army united by adversity.

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