Wednesday, 23 July 2008

39. Making The Album

I show up first, around five
enjoy the silence
with a coffee.

Duff follows soon after
a little drunk
but enthusiastic.

Adler arrives around nine
with a couple of skanks
but no kit.

I ball him out
and he flees
to the nearest dealer.

Izzy shows at midnight
corpse white and
on the nod.

Duff is re-stringing
his bass
and Adler’s still gone.

Slash turns up around two,
whispers conspiratorially
to Iz

and they disappear
to the bathroom
for an hour.

Duff is still re-stringing
his bass, stumbling about
breaking shit.

Port wine bottles. A painting
on the wall. This cool little amp
they used on Pet Sounds.

Slash and Iz return
“Are we ready yet or what?”
but Adler’s still gone

I launch a balalaika at their heads,
taking Slash’s top hat off;
hair spills down like a black waterfall.

Iz mumbles something incoherent
Slash retrieves his hat
Duff looks up: “We need more wine.”

It’s five AM
the sun is coming up
and so far

we have a bass with two strings
various comedowns
and a vortex opening up ahead.

The producer shows up at nine.
Turns out we were a day early anyway.
That’ll never happen again.

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