Wednesday, 2 July 2008

22. Eye In The Sky

Blades cut the night
as the mechanical
sky bird tilts
to the earth curve -

sirens spark below like
a shimmering sea-bed
of phosphorescence
lost in the land at night;

slipped stars seek homes
beneath freeway flyovers.
They cower there, cold, lost,
never to return to that distant cosmos.

Fissures and conduits
arteries and veins
turnpikes and tar pits
canyons and cracks

all scar the face of
a silent Saturday
movie matinee
idol in repose.

She’s laid bare for you,
her folds and lines
pulsing audibly
as she draws a dying breath.

The ventricles
of a broken heart
stoically metronomic
within this chaos

that stretches from Topanga Canyon
down to Marina del Rey,
across to the scrub-lands
and no-go warrens of East LA.

And down the wires a voice crackles
one more gasp for the collective death rattle
silently stalking all, an unblinking eye
adrift and isolated in a red velvet sky.

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