Wednesday, 4 June 2008

9. Unsurprisingly….

I was expected to dish out BJs and hand-jobs
to these lonely trucker assholes freighting
containers of cigarettes and petrol out to

Fresno or Barstow or wherever the fuck,
but I’d already thought about that, so when

they looked over at me sideways with a glint
and a smile I was ready: “Don’t even think about
it buddy, I’ve got The AIDS, I’m heading out
to Cali to see a specialist,” but because they
were stupid or horny or both they’d say things

like “What the fuck do I give about some faggot
disease?” or “No gift, no lift” or, the worst,
“Hey man, it gets lonely out here on the road
away from my lady, I mean can’t you at least
jerk it a few times?”. But if none of that worked

I’d fake like I wanted them to suck me and say
“Sure man, but, hey, pull over for a minute,
I can’t blow a load when I gotta pee” so they’d pull
over and once I was sure they were relaxed I’d
sock them in the chops Tyson-style and

jump down from their rig and over a fence or into
some woods or up a jump-ramp to a truck-stop
hoping and praying that the place wasn’t full
of all those assholes I socked right across the USA
all the way from inner Indiana to the outskirts of LA.

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