Monday, 2 June 2008

7. Birthing Izzy

It’s true
he had no-one.

I remember
the day we met

in a Driver’s
Ed, class for drunks.

He was

“I’m Axl,
who are you?

“Jeffrey,” I said.
“Jeffrey Dean Isbell.”

“That’s a pussy
name,” he said.

“You need
A new one.

Something rad
something rock ‘n’ roll

something that’s
yours. I mean

what do
you like to do?”

“I guess I
like to fuck.”

“Alright. Then
you’re ‘Izzy Stradlin’.”

And Gunners
was born right there, man.


tomkendall said...

these are ace. Im obsessed with axle rose. Actually my best friend is more obsessed. He said to me he thinks about him at least three or four times a day. im going to direct him this way.

tomkendall said...

also im linking to this! not only cause the title is similar!!

Ben Myers said...

I think about Axl Rose between 6 and 8 times per day. Please tell your friend it is 'normal', 'healthy' and that he shouldn't be ashamed, Tom.

I have it on good authority that Slash thinks of Axl up to 12 times per day, sometimes more, depending upon how much Jack Daniels he has consumed.

Then again, sometimes he doesn't think about him at all.

It's an emotional lottery, Planet Axl.

tomkendall said...
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Dirty Stop Out said...

I saw your blog advertised in Classic Rock and I had to read it. It's awesome. Me and my Axl-crazed sister are gonna be killing a lot of time here in the near future!