Monday, 2 June 2008

5. The Pentecostal Church Of Indiana

I saw things
no kid should see
was taught things
no kids needs to know

like how to rid yourself
of lies and devils
that aren’t there,
like how to hate

your own imagination
how to hate
your evil penis
and all its vile potential.

I saw exorcisms
and brimstone rituals
shaking and screaming
and finger pointing

I saw book burning and
group coercion and

the church taught me
many things I’ve spent
decades trying to
reverse, the church

pushed me down a
path of discovery
of evil-doings and
much much worse -

it didn’t kill me; it made
me stronger it taught
me about hypocrisy,
manipulation – and the blues

because deep down
everyone knows
the devil always
has the best tunes.

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