Thursday, 22 January 2009

156. A Guitarist Called Buckethead

My mom’s a hen
my dad’s a rooster
I was raised in a
chicken coop;
consequently it’s
the only place
I feel comfortable.

So naturally when
you’re dealing with
the creative process
you gotta be at ease
you gotta be in your
comfort zone for
optimum creativity.

So I tell all this to
Tom Zutaut, who
they brought back
in to put the squeeze
on Axl and do
whatever it takes
to get the album done.

Zoot doesn’t laugh
he just makes some
notes, makes some
calls and two days
later I’m shredding in
a chicken coop happy
as a pig in a pig shed.

To his credit he did
a neat job of it: chicken
wire, chicken parts,
rubber chickens hanging
from the ceiling and a
DVD player for my porn.
Awesome. Just awesome.

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