Thursday, 2 October 2008

83. 'One In A Million'

“Immigrants and faggots, they make no sense to me,
They come to our country and think they'll do as they please,
Like start some mini Iran, or spread some fucking disease,
They talk so many goddamn ways, it's all greek to me.”

Jesus. You only have to ask Elton or Freddie,
God rest his soul. They’d tell it you straight
out (no pun intended). I like faggots….but I
couldn’t eat a whole one, ha, ha! But seriously,

I’ve had some bad experiences with homos
in the past, diddling with me when I was kid
and what-not. And all that N-word stuff, man,
to all the haters I say: lighten up. I was making

a serious point about racism and prejudice
and the way all y’all reacted just proved my
point: that the world is fucked up, but maybe,
just maybe, if we all open our hearts and our minds

one day all the fags and the blacks and the
other afflicted minorities will join together
with the real Americans to fight terror together
and party on down to the music of G n’ F’ n’ R

and then I’ll be able to sit back and survey the
black dudes fucking the white hos and the fags
blowing each other’s poles and I’ll smile and
I’ll be like, ‘I guess my work here is done’”.

(Lyrics from ‘One In A Million’ by Guns N Roses, picture by Sexton Ming)

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